Disputes resolution

Shareholder disputes

We help resolve disputes between shareholders at both the pre-trial and trial stages.

Contractual disputes

In the event of a conflict over the implementation or enforcement of the terms of a contract, we help you find a compromise and professionally represent our clients' interests.

Disputes over pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests

We represent and advise clients in legal disputes relating to property or non-property damage and compensation.

Corporate law disputes

We provide professional assistance in resolving disputes related to corporate law.

Other disputes

We also help clients in cases that don't fit into the framework of the above services.

Debt recovery

We advise on various debt recovery issues, prepare documents and represent our clients in pre-trial, trial and enforcement proceedings.


Our experience allows us to represent you in a wide range of civil disputes between natural or legal persons and in business disputes, such as shareholder disputes, debt recovery, corporate disputes, directors’ liability to shareholders, insolvency proceedings, bankruptcy, disputes over the performance of contracts. Below is a description of Linden’s services in the area of business litigation and civil procedure, where we have the most experience.