Introducing Linden Law Firm's Innovative Court-Based Debt Collection Solution.

Our cutting-edge solution is tailored to empower individuals and organizations alike in their pursuit of debt recovery through the legal system. Linden’s streamlined process enables you to initiate a claim against your debtor and secure a court judgment for your outstanding debt, all without the need for costly legal consultations. Say goodbye to hourly fees; we offer a fixed-service-rate approach.

How Linden's Court Debt Recovery Service Operates

Getting Started

As soon as you register within our system, we promptly provide you with a draft legal services agreement, allowing us to initiate debt recovery proceedings on your behalf.

Collecting Debt Information

We request you to input your debt details into the system and attach supporting documents. During the claim preparation phase, our legal team may reach out to you for any additional information or documents required.

Calculating Fees

The Linden system automatically computes the stamp duty and issues an invoice covering claim preparation and court case management, with the amount varying based on your debt’s magnitude.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is straightforward and transparent. You can review our clearly outlined pricing structure by clicking the following link [Link to Pricing].

Initiating Court Action

We meticulously scrutinize all provided information and prepare the claim/application. Our team accesses essential data from state registers and submits the claim to the court. Throughout the court case, we keep you informed via email about its progress.

Enforcement by Bailiffs

Once the court issues a decision on the debt, we procure the enforcement order and promptly forward it to you. If desired, we can input the enforcement order into the Bailiffs’ Information System, which designates the responsible bailiff for your debt enforcement.

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For debts over €50,000, please contact us at or by phone +370 5 2121506

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