After more than 15 years in the field with a focus on labour law, procurement and construction law, Marius can already see and foresee the patterns in the issues that companies are facing. While large enterprises have their in-house lawyers, SMEs require professionals who could undertake their questions with a great degree of efficiency. Knowing his accumulated proficiency in legal problem solving the clients entrust him with all labour law questions, including the most complicated, such as discharges and layoffs that are strictly regulated and involve considerable psychological burdens.

The brains behind some of our innovative legal service solutions, Marius believes that most company questions can be solved quickly and effectively if you have sufficient expertise and experience. And when Marius says this – he means it, at this very moment planning to develop a platform that would enable to transfer literally all company’s labour documents to a cloud-based system.

Areas of expertise: Labour law, Public procurement, Construction law.

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