Classic Law. Revised.

Linden is an innovation-driven law firm that moves in the same direction as the world does.


Our promise

Precision and attainment of results requires choosing the right angle.
What differentiates Linden and its angle? Linden law services are business-intuitive. In contrast to conservative work approach adopted by many lawyers we take a grip on people and enterprises of today and their dynamic reality. They are always on the move, and so our law services are: flexible and adaptive. Thus, our approach encapsulates the whole essence of our practice: We provide legal foresight from the standpoint of a contemporary person.


Why us?

Being lawyers ourselves we believe in several laws that define our law of life and code of conduct:

The law of effect

Therefore, through our day-to-day activities we are guided by the idea that future partnership will depend on how satisfying the work with us is for our partners today.

The law of reciprocity

Hence, our approach is based on mutual understanding and partnership.

The law of change

Thus, we acknowledge that everything and everyone is in constant change. As a result, we seek to embrace changing client expectations, technologies and the way law is practiced.

The law of accurate communication

This is why we speak English, Lithuanian, Russian and Polish. Speak law, business and human values.