The importance of the renewable energy sector has currently been on a rapid rise due to international commitments related to reduction of atmosphere pollution and climate stabilization. LINDEN lawyers have gained a long-term experience in the projects of renewable energy industry and, therefore, they are able to offer innovative solutions and to ensure the smooth development of renewable energy projects.


  • In 2006 we provided consultations to a Lithuanian company engaged in production of electricity from renewable energy sources in connection with acquisition of the most modern wind power equipment at that time from the Danish company – “Vestas”. In December 2006 a wind farm with a rated power of 16 MW was launched. In 2008 we represented the client on issues connected to the implementation of the project on the wind farm with a rated power of 34 MW as well as the conclusion of a contract of high-value with “ENERCON”, a German manufacturer of wind turbines.
  • Advising UAB „Šilutės vėjo projektai“ on contracts concerning land lease and design works, with a purpose to develop a wind farm project.
  • Providing legal services to the clients regarding signing high-value contracts for developing wind farm projects.
  • Consulting a company engaged in renewable energy sector on issues related to the conditions of the permit to extend the electricity generation capacities.
  • Giving legal advice to UAB „Gera Energija“, a company of a German capital, on energy law issues, while developing a wind farm with the rated power of 35 MW, as well as representing the controlling shareholder’s Sachsenkraft GmbH interests in relations with the state and municipal institutions of Lithuania.
  • Advising several companies developing wind energy projects in connection to the signatures of sale purchase agreements.