Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers’ team is able to offer a long-term practice and accumulated knowledge in both areas: litigation and dispute prevention. We consult and represent in pre-trial disputes, courts of all instances and arbitrations as well as during the process of implementation. Due to long-term experience we have elaborated methods of procedural document drafting, strategy, which determines effective protection of client interests and success of litigation.


  • Successfully representing the client in courts of all instances regarding the removal from the office the head of the company. The Supreme Court gave a profound explanation to be followed in all future cases concerning the absolute right to remove from the office the head of the company.
  • Providing legal services to AB „Achema“ in a claim for legal acts concerning evaluation of a significant rail traffic accident, adopted by the public authorities.
  • Consulting the companies that belong to one of the biggest corporate groups in Lithuania, in a dispute with one of Lithuanian leasing companies over the implementation of contractual obligations. The amount of claim – almost 4,8 million LT.
  • Representing the clients, who submitted applications in accordance with the measures of Rural development programme 2007-2013, in a dispute with the National Paying Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture over its refusal to support the projects of wind energy.
  • Successfully representing UAB „Jarimpeksas“, which carried out activities in the field of international wholesale trade of agricultural products, in arbitrational case concerning the quality of goods. Our services also covered legal assistance in connection with the recognition of the arbitral award of Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration in Poland.
  • Providing legal advice to a stevedoring company in a dispute with the State Enterprise Klaipeda State Seaport Authority in courts of all instances. The dispute concerned the issues of port land lease.
  • Successfully representing UAB „Jarimpeksas“ in arbitration regarding the dispute with an Estonian company over its failure to perform contractual obligations.
  • Representing UAB “Gera Energija”, a company of a German capital, in a dispute with the Ministry of Energy concerning the alteration of conditions, established for regulated activity performed under thepermit for the Incensement in Electricity Generation Capacity in courts of all instances.